At Bank of Georgia Group PLC, we are committed to sustainable growth. We act in ways to create sustainable opportunities and better outcomes for the people, for the communities where we operate, and for the planet. We empower our stakeholders with our products and solutions and by doing business the right way, ensuring high standards of corporate governance and risk management practices.

The core entity of the Group is Bank of Georgia, a leading financial services company in Georgia. Through Bank of Georgia we provide innovative digital products and solutions to over 1.7 million active customers. Innovation and responsibility go hand in hand, and we play a leading role in the sustainable development and financial inclusion in Georgia.

We focus on the highest-priority ESG issues that we have identified during our extensive research and stakeholder engagement processes. These ESG issues are central to our strategy and reporting on our sustainability efforts. ESG-related issues are subject to governance and oversight by our Executive Management team and the Board of Directors. Reporting on our ESG performance transparently is essential to building and maintaining stakeholder trust. You can find our enhanced ESG disclosures in our Annual Report 2023. You can also see some of our ESG-related policies here.

We continue to deepen our understanding of climate-related risks and opportunities and implement practices to identify, assess, monitor and manage climate-related issues in our business. We are dedicated to supporting our customers in their transition towards greener and more sustainable ways of operating and doing business. By doing so, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable future while ensuring the continued financial strength of the Group.