Where do I send TR-1 forms?
What is the Company’s registered office address?

42 Brook Street, London W1K 5DB

What is the Company’s registered number?

The Company was incorporated in England and Wales with registered number 10917019.

When is the Company’s financial year end?

31 December.

On which stock exchanges are the Company’s shares listed?

The Company’s shares are listed on the premium segment of the London Stock Exchange with code BGEO.LN

Who are the Company’s Registrars and how do I contact them?

The Company has appointed Computershare Investor Services PLC to maintain its share register. Contact details for Computershare can be found on the Shareholder Information section of the website. You should contact the Registrars with any queries you have on your account including (but not restricted to) any of the following:

  • Change of name or address
  • Death of shareholder
  • Loss of share certificate
  • Loss of dividend warrant or tax voucher
  • Unclaimed dividends
  • Change of dividend mandate
When and where is the next AGM?

Details of the date and location of the Company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), including the Notice of AGM (detailing the resolutions proposed to be put to the AGM), can be found here

When will the next Annual Report be published?

The Annual Report and Accounts for 2022 were published on 24 March 2023 and are available here.

Will the Company publish half-yearly reports for shareholders?

The Company does not intend to publish half-yearly reports for distribution to shareholders. The half-yearly results press release will be published on the Announcements section of our website.

What if I receive unsolicited phone calls or mail about investments?

Over the last few years, a number of companies have become aware that their shareholders have received unsolicited phone calls or correspondence concerning investment matters which imply a connection to the company concerned. These are typically from overseas-based brokers (‘boiler rooms’) who target UK shareholders offering to sell them what often turn out to be worthless or high-risk shares in US or UK investments, sometimes in exchange for ‘blue chip’ investments.

Those operating these boiler rooms are usually well-spoken, knowledgeable, very persistent, and extremely persuasive. A survey by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has reported that the average amount lost by investors is around £20,000, and not only novice investors have been duped in this way; many victims have been people with previous experience of investing or share dealing. 

Shareholders are advised to be very wary of any unsolicited advice, offers to buy shares at a discount or offers of free reports about the company. 

If you receive any unsolicited investment advice: 

  • Ensure you get the correct name of the person and organisation and record any other information they give you, e.g. telephone number, address etc.
  • Check that they are properly authorised by the FCA before getting involved. You can check at www.fca.org.uk/register

    The FCA also maintains on its website a list of unauthorised overseas firms who are targeting, or have targeted, UK investors, and any approach from such organisations should be reported to the FCA so that this list can be kept up to date and any other appropriate action can be considered. Dealing with an unauthorised firm would render you ineligible to receive relevant payment under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. 

    The FCA can also be contacted by completing an online form at www.fca.org.uk/consumers/protect-yourself/unauthorised-firms or, if you do not have access to the internet, on 0800 111 6768.
  • Inform our Registrars on +44 (0)370 873 5866. While they are unable to investigate such incidents themselves, they will record the details, pass them on to the Company, and liaise with the FCA.

The Fraud Advisory Panel has produced leaflets on Investment Scams www.fraudadvisorypanel.org/Investment-Scams and Boiler Room Scams www.fraudadvisorypanel.org/Boiler-Room-Fraud with practical advice to consider before purchasing shares.

What is the Company’s current Effective Rule 9 Threshold?

As at 28 June 2024 the "Effective Rule 9 Threshold" (as defined in the Company’s 2018 listing prospectus and in summary being the level of holding of the Company's shares carrying voting rights above which a mandatory offer would be triggered under Rule 9 of the Takeover Code once the shares held by Georgia Capital are removed from the denominator) is 10,815,794 shares representing 24.04% of the Company’s issued share capital.