Two key metrics we use to measure the Group performance are: (1) Return on Average Equity (ROAE) targeted at 20%, and (2) 15%-20% growth of our loan book. Bank of Georgia is also well positioned in terms of both capital and liquidity to deliver on its growth strategy.

We have two segments in the Group, of which Retail Banking will drive most of our Banking Business growth. In Retail Banking we aim to harness our optimised branch operating model to effectively serve each target segment of our emerging, mass and affluent clients based on their needs. In Corporate Investment Banking we have successfully achieved our risk de-concentration and loan portfolio repositioning targets and intend to resume the corporate loan book growth, as well as increase the share of fee and commission income in the medium term. Going forward, we expect the growth of the total loan book to be balanced between Retail Banking and Corporate Investment Banking. In Wealth Management, under Corporate Investment Banking, we will focus on strengthening and promoting our regional private banking franchise.